Domain Transfers and Status Information

In this KB article, we will cover information relating to domain transfers. There are a few requirements that must be met before a domain can be transferred to us:

  • – The domain must be unlocked at your current registrar
  • – WHOIS privacy must either be removed or properly forwarding email to a valid email
  • – The domain must be at least 60 days old before it can be transferred

If the above requirements are not met for a domain, the transfer will fail. Generally, to avoid delays in transfers, we recommend that any WHOIS privacy is disabled. We typically find that many other hosting providers, especially large hosting providers do not always forward the domain transfer approval emails.

Domain Transfer Time Frames

When a domain transfer to NerdyTechs is initiated, we will send a request to your current registrar to release the domain. During this process, the email address listed as the registrant on the domain will receive an approval email in most cases containing a link to approve the transfer.

Once the approval link has been clicked & approved, the current registrar should then release the domain. The process still depends on the above 3 requirements for the domain being transferred.

Note: NerdyTechs has no control over how quickly the current registrar releases your domain(s). This process can take anywhere from a few hours & up to a week that we’ve seen in the past. We are only provided with updates on the process IF the domain is successfully transferred OR the domain transfer fails/is rejected. In the event the transfer fails, we will notify you of the reason and/or error code.

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